Online Discipleship
It is new, needed, but is not everything.

Matthew 28:18-20 calls for the church to disciple the nations. That means helping those who come to salvation to grow in their faith. This is an exciting opportunity for both the new believer as well as the disciple to grow. 

With the advent of the internet, many churches have grown an online presence with many watching around the world. The problem becomes apparent: How do churches disciple those who are online? 

We are excited to present an online discipleship program. This is written by Trans World Radio (TWR).From this ministry many have the ability to be helped in their growth from being introduced to Jesus to beginning pastoral work. There are, of course, several thoughts that necessitates a statement.

1. Calvary, its leaders, ministers, and members may or may not agree with everything written. The Word of God is the final authority and everything must be filtered through the Scriptures first and foremost. Where TWR is in agreement, we would agree. To know better where Calvary stands, I would encourage reaching out to us using the contact info at the bottom of the page. 

2. This is not meant to replace physically being with a local body of believers if at all possible. God does not give us the right to skip church, simply because of online presence. To not attend a faithful, Bible believing church is ignoring Hebrews 10:25. It deprives the local body of faith of the talents and gifts God has given you. It deprives yourself of the gifts and talents God has given to the body. It removes you from those who will walk, pray, support, encourage, protect, and correct you in all manner of life and faith. It is vital to be part of a local body. 

3. This discipleship program does not go fully into every possible nuances and avenues of discipleship. It is to give a very basic level of understanding. Please do not think this is going to be answering all questions. If you have any questions or seek to have more answers, please reach out to us here at Calvary using the contact info at the bottom of this page. 

So why offer this? Because, our first and foremost ministry is to lead people to salvation in Jesus Christ. Second is to baptize all who are saved. Third is to disciple. We do not want to do the first two parts and leave the third part undone, nor do we want to miss anyone. Our prayer, is that, if you do not know Jesus as your Savior, that you come to salvation, get baptized and then grow. If you are in the area and are not part of a Biblically solid, Bible believing church, we wish to invite you to come.  

Please know we are praying for you and we are here to help answer any question you may have. You may use the links in the field above and navigate to the catagory you wish to view. To come back to this page, click on "Discipleship". If you do not wish to download the files, you can go to their website directly by clicking here