Our traditional families are a wreck. Fathers, mothers, and even children seem to be on a spiral nose dive. The consequences are seen in society that is also a wreck. The evil being promoted by politicians in power and society at a large is not helping things but instead encourage and reward more destruction of the traditional families. 

The question becomes, what do we do? Is there any way to make a change? I believe the answer is yes. However, the answer also requires there to be a shift in thought, practice, and mindset and these will run absolutely counter to the culture we see. 

Harold S. Martin wrote this work and it is an easy read but one that will lay the framework for a Godly home. In this work, Martin shares how men can be godly fathers, women can be godly mothers, and how to raise Godly boys to be men, and Godly girls  to be women. There is an encouragement to not only accept but work in their God given roles, which will be the catalyst for change. 

I highly encourage reading this work, especially engaged couples who are starting their lives together in marriage. God has given specific roles and responsabilities for men, women, and children, and Harold Martin does a great job in bringing these truths to light. 

There are some neuances that may or may not apply due to different circumstances (single parent home, or requirement of dual income families), but even in these situations, there are truths in this work that can and will be helpful. 

This work can be purchased from the Brethren Revival Fellowship Store and I highly recommend this work for it can and will strengthen the tradional home and through that we will see the much needed change in our society.