As I finished up the sermon yesterday, I know that I very briefly hit on several major areas of debate and discussion. One that would have taken many hours to effectivly cover. Therefore, I wish to use this post as just a final rounding off of information for those who wish to go deeper. 

Let me start by saying that I am a Young Earth Creationist. It is what fits in regards to the Bible and Science matching. I became one after first being an Evolutionist then moving into a Theistic Evolutionist. 

There are a few key notes I want to make:

1. Creation has to be exactly as Genesis one and two states, otherwise, we can not have faith in anything else the Bible says. 

2. Creation cannot be more than six days due to the very wording of Genesis one and two. 

3. If Genesis one and two is wrong on the Creation of the world, then the basis for the rest of what Scripture teaches about death, sin, punishment, judgment, etc. will also be wrong. 

With these three things marked down, and I will leave it to you, the reader, to dig into why these three points have such deep ramifications, there are a few points I wish to make regarding a couple of comments made. 

1. Creation, like Evolution, is in fact a theory. The Evolutionist's "bible" which is the Geological Time Column is only found in one place, in its complete structure. Text books. No where is it found complete, and whole, in the world. Therefore, both are in fact theories of how we came into existance. But, nature around us can and does give us clues as to the beginning. That is why I said that in order for a true research to be done, it has to be done logically, honestly, and factually. This is why Evolutionists will run afoul of Occam's Razor as well as Logical Fallocy of Evasion. 

2. Evolutionists and Creationists must have a basis of faith. Therefore, Evolution is not science as much as they wish to pretend it is. It is really that, a religion. 

3. There are many other evidences for the existance of God, outside the two mentioned in number one. Just to enumerate this we have: 1) Biblical evidences. 2) Teleological Arguments. 3) Cosmological Argument. 4) Moral Argument. 5) Esthetic Argument. 6) Ontological Argument. The evidence for the existance of God is very strong. 

4. There are many Christians who feel this is not an important topic. Or one that we can just agree to disagree. This would be a careless act entirely due to the very nature of what is at stake. The integrity of the Scriptures, the validity and truthfulness of God, the meaning and purpose of life, and the final destination for those who trust or not in Jesus Christ. This simply comes from whether we acknowledge God as Creater, exactly as it says in Genesis 1, or not. 

Lastly, I wish to direct you to some very good places to go deeper. 

My personal choice and favorite ministry is Institute for Creation Research. They are not as flashy or promenant as say Answers in Genesis, but Answers in Genesis would not be around if it were not for Henry Morris, the founder of ICR, and his friend, John C. Whitcomb. 

Another good ministry is of Course Answers in Genesis. They are a good ministry as well, running both the Ark Encounter as well as the Creation Museum. I highly recommend both. 

The third group is Creation Ministries International. I am not as familiar with them outside of the fact that they separated from Answers in Genesis directly. They do have some good stuff. 

Another ministry that is not really as known by many is Biblical Science Institute. I have, however, had the great honor of speaking with Dr. Lisle, the founder of this ministry. He is an Astrophysicist who is an ardent defender of Young Earth Creationism as well as an excellent scientist. 

There are, within each of these different ministries, different outreaches. Here are some good things to add to your library:

From ICR they offer:

Discovery Center Dallas, TX.

Acts and Facts magazine

The Universe: A Journey through God's Grand design

Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

Made in His Image

The last four above are DVD series that I would say the quality rivals that of Nova, National Geographic, Discovery, ect. They are that good. Acts and Facts is a magazine that is free, and lastly, the first is their brand new Museum. 

Of course, Answers in Genesis has:

Answers Magazine

The Ark Encounter

The Creation Museum


Truly, there is evidence for God, how He created in six days, and the miraculous way it happened. But the question posed to each one of us, what do we do with the information presented? Of course, we could look at the links above, see the evidence and then walk away disregarding all that is given. 

Or we can accept it. It amazes me how many Bible believers, struggle with believing the Bible in Genesis one and two. I would encourage you, dear reader, take the time to review each of these websites. Look at the articles, ask the questions, seek for answers. But do so with a desire to know the truth. The evidence is there. 

God bless.