Dear readers, Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

I wanted to post this to update everyone about what will be happening for the next two, possibly three weeks for this blog. 

Tomorrow's blog will come out and be available. 

However, starting next week, and for at least two weeks after, I will be on a missions trip. Therefore, there will be no blog post on Proverbs. 

I am asking for a few things:

1) Please keep us in prayer as we go out. Pray for safety on the way down, during the trip, and the way back. We do covet those prayers and wish to have the prayer covering. 

2) Please pray our missions trip fulfills several things: 1. To help support the missionaries we are visiting. 2. To help spread the Gospel to those we are going to minister with. 3. To bring back a good report to help build up the church in America and to help the missionaries with support. 

It would be a lie to state we do not have some apprehensions for this trip. We are aware of some of the risks, but we are also aware that God is going before us and He is the One Who made this trip available. We are putting our trust in Him. 

Please pray for a safe and profitable journey and a joyous homecoming back here to our church family. God bless and thank you.