Proverbs 1:17-19 now deals with the end result of the plans of these sinners. It is not pleasant or expected.

Proverbs 1:17 shows us the indiscretions on who the sinners target. The Bible says they see ANY bird and put out the net. Whether great or small, they attempt to catch and destroy them. Notice the key thought in this verse. It is vain. We read in Proverbs 26:27 where it backfires completely. These traps and nets are just plain empty, useless, void of any hope of working. These people will not only not succeed, it is not even going to get off the ground.

Now Proverbs 1:18. While they are looking for the blood of others (Proverbs 1:11), they are going to be shedding their own blood and kill themselves in the process. Their attacks only do one thing, destroy themselves.

Solomon broadens this conversation in Proverbs 1:19. He takes it from just those of whom his son may know about to anyone we, the readers, may know. Notice what He says. Those who are greedy for gain will lose their own life. If you have never seen a loaded statement, you just did.

Those who are greedy for gain are all around. Want to know where to find them? They are found in Casino's and Online gambling. They engage in sports betting with Fanduel, MGM Bets, and a host of many others. Lottery tickets are sold by the barrel full. When you find a Power-Ball going for a billion dollars, understand that the chance of winning is so very low. That when one wins, The money they get is simply the billion dollars spent by the billions who played and lost their money. It really is a tax on ignorance.

Those who do win are usually bankrupt or dead within a few years after their winnings. So what about work? Yeah, work. Pyramid schemes abound here. The consequential results are not much different. Eventually it all dries up...until the next new thing in the pyramid comes out.

There are many who wake up and think if they can earn that next dollar, they will be happy. Very rarely does that next dollar come. It is a viscous cycle that keeps mankind from seeking after the Lord Jesus Christ and using their lives for His calling for them. They spend their lives pursuing their god, the dollar, and throw their spirit away to hell. Remember what 1 Timothy 6:10 says along with my encouragement to read very simple but powerful verses in Proverbs 23:4-5.

The violence these sinners do is about money. Getting, retaining, and growing their own portfolio. They cut off anyone to get ahead, and destroy themselves in the process. The Christian is and should be different.

The Christian recognizes all things we receive come from God. He is the one who knows our needs (Matthew 6:8). Therefore, we can go to Him, and He can give to us richly from His abundance because He owns EVERYTHING (Psalm 50:10). Understand there is a difference between needs and wants, and this is not a statement toward the prosperity gospel which is no gospel. It is good to work with our hands, and we should work. Work is a gift from God. If anyone does not work, I would be the first to say they should not be allowed to eat either (2 Thessalonians 3:10), unless there is some form of circumstances but that is a case by case basis. Work is a chance for us to use our bodies created by God, to do a job given by God, to bring glory back to God. We should have more of our younger generations, and even some of my generation doing MORE work. Our culture is bringing up lazy people and rewarding them for that. It is a shame.

In the process, God blesses the work of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12) and He will provide for the needs we have. Instead of pushing and stepping on others, only to destroy ourselves, Paul's admonition is something that our world, and in our context, our nation, should really listen to - 1 Thessalonians 4:11.

Does this mean that we never should strive to better ourselves? No. But we do not lay out the net to try and destroy others to get ahead. Crushing others to climb up the corporate ladder, as it were is not in the ethos of believers. It is everything contrary to what God says. The fruit of this is seen in our society today.

How should Christians live? Proverbs 17:1 gives us the concept. When we have a need, we use the example of the Lord’s prayer: Matthew 6:11. We seek only for the day what we need.

Application: What do we see in our culture today? We see the running around, never ending work, the undying flame of greed and envious jealousy of those who have from those who have not. Our politics have set up wars between the supposed "classes" of people simply based on what is possessed and what is not. This is just stupid.

Maybe, instead of playing the game as we have been, play by the correct rules. God’s rules. The failure that abounds around us, the greed, anger, and lust toward money and possessions around us is simply the fruit telling us we are doing something wrong. It is time to try a different approach. Here is a simple way to start changing the mindset:

1. Wake up each day, and thank God He has given you the ability to wake up and work and that He alone has given us the work we have.

2. Show up to your job ready to work and ready to do the job the best you can do, not simply for a paycheck but because you have a Master in Heaven who is watching - Ephesians 6:5-8.

3. Be faithful to what God has given us to do each day. After all, He has called us to it and it is His plan for us - 1 Corinthians 4:2. 

4. Be humble, quiet, and peaceable to all, including that boss and co-workers that may drive you insane or anger. If you are the boss, take extreme caution you are faithful in your duty as well, for God is watching you too.

5. When you are done, leave your work with a good spirit, name, and attitude. Go home and plan your evening with yourself or your family.

6. Make sure you are being a good steward of what you earn and make. Do not worry about what the other guy makes or what they have. You have what God wants you to have. If God wanted you to have what the others do, He would give it to you. Instead, rejoice with them over their success and be faithful with your own budget, your own financial. Talk with those who can help you budget and save if you so desire for something more.

7. When you get ready for bed, thank God for the day you had, the work you did, and the night that gives you rest. If it were not for God, none of these would exist. Then, get plenty of rest, and wake up ready to start again.

Maybe this list is a little over simplified, but ask yourselves the question: Which is better? What we see the world and those who are trapped in the world's system are doing, or God's system and the peace that comes from it? I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but one way sounds so much better.

Last note I will make here. I have said it before from the pulpit that I am not against having wealth and riches. That is a false narrative pushed by the powers that be. I believe those who have wealth and possessions, if they gained it by working hard, being faithful to their duties, being good stewards, and saving then I believe we should look up to them, learn from them, praise God with them, and praise God who blessed them.

This notion that riches and those who have it are evil and bad is a new concept which I do not understand nor will I accept. Do not attack them. If the key to their successes are the bolded statements above, they should earn our respect. If it comes because of lying, cheating, stealing, shortchanging, or any other nefarious ways, it is evil gain. Does the Bible say anything about this? Yes: Proverbs 1:19; 10:2; 11:4; 13:11; 15:27; 20:17; 21:6; Micah 2:1-13. Many other verses could be added, but this is a beginning list.

I should sum up with Paul's statement for I believe it should set the stage for us today. It is found in 1 Timothy 6:6. If our culture, and even many Christians, would put this into practice, then we may see changes in our society. But that starts with we who are Christians.