Today, we are going to start the study of Proverbs 7:5-27. From the outset, we will not be able to cover the whole thing, but we will see how far we get.


Proverbs 7:5 pics up with the purpose of Proverbs 7:1-4. The immoral woman and seductress have been dealt with a lot in Proverbs 5:1-14 and Proverbs 6:20-35. We have also dealt with the flattery of the lips within those sections of passages, so we will not review that today. To help understand this flattery, look at Proverbs 5:3.


In Proverbs 7:6-10 we find the stage being set for the issues that will be brought up in this chapter. The author sets the stage to show the difference between the wise and foolish man. The author is watching a group of youths (Proverbs 7:7), and one sticks out. This youth is like the others, but is obviously is one who is devoid of understanding. Remember how, many times, we talked about about the importance of having wisdom, understanding, and discernment. This young man is not wise and discerning. Void has been already discussed in Proverbs 6:32 and shows the absence of understanding (again, covered this several times throughout Proverbs).


How does this man show a lack of discernment? He does exactly what we have warned about and what has been suggested. If you know there is an area that would be a major temptation for you, do all you can to avoid that area, including not even walking near that area. We used the example of a recovering alcoholic not walking through the alcoholic isle in the store. This is where this young man is not showing discernment. That case is made in Proverbs 7:8.


He is walking near her street corner, he diverted to the path that leads to her house. It is one thing to be on the street unknowingly and vacating the area. True to the point of the lack of discernment, this man goes on the very path toward the house. Take everything that has been said before about being careful, watching, having wisdom and understanding, and notice the next part. He goes on the path to her house, in the twilight, evening, and in the black and dark night! It is unsafe to continue to walk near the street corner. It is really bad to be on her very path. But to intentionally do it in the cover of darkness is a profound lack of understanding.


We will dig deeper into this when we get to chapter 9, but I would encourage us to look at Proverbs 9:4, 16 just to start. This young man failed at this. Instead, he finds himself, and we will see this later in this chapter, being caught in this sexual immorality. It is in the darkness of night that allows this evil to exist, and this is the motivation for this young man to wait till night. Job 24:15 talks about this time where what is being done is hidden.


The word of caution for all who are reading, have understanding. If you know you are struggling with something in your life, whether that is a habit, or a temptation, have some understanding. In that understanding, take the necessary steps to avoid those areas that is a struggle. The issue comes that many do not want to leave their temptations. Sin is attractive and will hold those who are in it. The best way to avoid this is to have wisdom and understanding. The question becomes, what happens when this young man goes down this path? We will find out starting in Proverbs 7:10.


As a note for next week, there will not be a devotional. God bless.