Beginning a new chapter, we are now looking at Proverbs 7. As an overview, Proverbs 7 is a continuation of being guarded against an immoral woman. However in Proverbs 7:1-4, there are many imagiries in this text. Therefore, we are going to work through this set and each of these images. Proverbs 7:1 has several words that have been covered in great detail throughout the book of Proverbs. Therefore, we move to Proverbs 7:2.

First we find the statement of keeping the command and live. This has been talked about often, therefore we will not focus on that, but the second part has an interesting statement. It tells us to view the commandments as the apple of the eye. We find this phrase several times throughout the Scriptures.

Deuteronomy 32:10, tells us that God found Jacob (Israel) and kept him as the apple of His eye.

Psalm 17:8, David is praying that the Lord keeps him as the apple of His eye, and puts him under the shadow of His wings.

Notice these two texts deal with the view of God looking at the nation of Israel and the request of David to God to keep him in His eye. But notice the difference in Psalm 7:2. It is focusing on our approach to the commands given at least in the book of Proverbs. The way in which this is shown is pretty powerful. To be the apple of an eye is to be held in high regard, to be loved, cherished, and protected.

The apple of the eye is a special place to be and the only people group that is said to be the apple of God’s eye is Israel. Therefore, how high are we supposed to hold these commands that are given to us? But we also find there is now the binding of these laws on the finger tips and writing on the tablet of the heart.

The idea of the finger tips are debated as to what two things. The first one is the idea of a phylactery which is a small box that has, on small paper, the law of God. This box is put near the joint of the arm with a strap that wraps down the arm to the fingers. The second thought is that it is a ring that is on the finger. Each one stands as a reminder of the commands and laws from the Lord. In this case, it is also the commands that have been laid out in Proverbs so far. Then we find it is to be written on the tablet of our heart. The tablet is usually a stone that some law, order, command, instruction, or some other memerable statement. Because of it being on a stone is to picture it as being something firm, solid, strong. The commands and law found form the author of Proverbs, in either example, these are to be constantly put in our minds to remember.

Lastly, Proverbs 7:4, wisdom and understanding are given the status of relationship. This is important to understand how close we are to have wisdom and understanding with us. These two things are important because if we view them as close relatives, they are with us and are associated with us no matter how long or how far we move. Granted, there are times when our close families may frustrate us or cause problems, but unlike the physical families, these two as a close relative can and will only be positive for us. That is why we should desire to keep them close to us. They will help us and protect us.


It is from here, the author now takes us to how it will protect us and give us an example of someone who has not accepted wisdom and understanding. That will be Proverbs 7:5-27. God bless.