Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I had to reschedule my trip to a future date. Today we will continue our Proverbs Study.

Proverbs 1:10

This is just the first part of Proverbs 1:10-14 with a repeated warning in Proverbs 1:15. Next week we will look at what these sinners are calling for us to follow, but today just the warning.

Remember last week, we saw that the listener (literally Solomon, but figuratively, us) are called to heed the instruction of the father, and the law of the mother. The first, and probably a great scenario where this comes handy, is here. The enticement of sinners.

We must first ask, who are sinners? The world will not like this, but the truth is not subservient to the whims of the world. Sinners are those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. This means the heathens who live day to day lives and fill their day imagining violence,evil, and vain imaginations, all the way to those who do good, look out for others, and who give so much to make the world a better place. If they do not know Jesus, no matter what they do, they are sinners. Jesus gives a powerful example of how the works can look good but mean nothing - Matthew 7:22-23.

There are really only two kinds of people in the world today. Leonard Ravenhill said it best, "Those who are dead in sin, and those who are dead to sin". Anyone, no matter how good, "religious", or sacrificial they are, if they are not trusting in Jesus alone for salvation, they are doomed to an eternity in hell, period.

Having established who sinners are, we need to realize where they are. They are all around. They are the neighbors who smile at us each day. They are those who are in our governmental body from the president down. The co-workers, acquaintances, friends. The murderers, rapists, violent anarchists, rioters. The stranger seen in the store, or the street. If they have not humbly confessed (admitted they are a sinner) and repented (turned away) of their sins to God, they are sinners. If they have, then this is not applicable to them. But sadly, most are on the broad and easy way which is going to destruction in hell - Matthew 7:13.

Some are easier to see. Look at who promotes murder of babies and pushes for the destruction of the Biblical institution of Marriage. These are not Christian. They are anything but, and these are just two examples. Some are hard to see. The grandmotherly neighbor who bakes cookies for the children. The gentleman mowing the neighbors yard. The ones who rush into danger to save others. These are great characteristics for sure and should not be minimized. But they are sinners all alike. We, who are Christian, must not lose focus on the reality of the souls of all. It is the matter of saved vs. not.

Look back at Proverbs 1:10. We now know who the sinners are, and where they are. What is the warning? If they entice. Entice has interesting meanings. It could mean being simple, but also to induce, flatter, entice, deceive, allure. The point being, the sinner draws out the simple to go after, and chase after them in their evil wickedness, drawing them away from what they should do and what is right. Next week, Lord willing, we will look at what they are drawing the son to, and potentially us as well.

These sinners are going to entice to do evil. The pressure may be from the loss of friendships, and mocking if we do not agree or go along. Even in our culture, and yes, nation, many who fit the definition of Romans 1:18-32 will use our court systems and legal systems to charge Christians with hate speech, and desecration of their "holy" actions. And sadly, our civil servants, who are sinners, are all to happy to aid in the attack against those who hold to Biblical truth. Truly, what Paul says in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 12 is happening in our time as we speak, even in our country which was founded on Judaeo-Christian Principles. Sad to see, is it not?

What is the reader of Proverbs 1:10 supposed to do? The verse says do not consent or go along with them. While the pain and sorrow is real, it is short lived compared to the pain, agony, and sorrow which will be for those who do follow. Stay away from them and their evil ways. Pray for them, be kind to them (Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:18) do what you can to witness to them, but DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR PATH! It only leads away from God to an eternity in hell. Do not be enticed. This is hard for sin is pleasurable (Hebrews 11:25). But the pleasure is short lived and never filling. Only in obedience to Jesus, submitting to Him, receiving His forgiveness and true life through Him is there any kind of permanent and fulfilling joy, hope, peace, and yes, reward.