Proverbs 1:11-14

Last week we looked at the sinners and the call to ignore their incitements. But what can they be inciting us to do and go? That is the subject in our text. But for us to make this applicable, we must understand that it goes beyond just what is being said. For that we draw our applications.

In Proverbs 1:11-12 we see there is a plotting and planning to murder. The desire is to go after the innocent. The ones who did no wrong. Probably the ones who are the least dangerous. This call is to target those who really should be protected. In our culture, we may be thinking, no one thinks this way. Is that so? If we remember the rioting and looting done in such places as Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and others? There were many who took advantage of these civil unrest who broke windows, destroyed shops, and yes, hurt innocent people all for the name of protesting. In groups that engage in these behaviors, it is not uncommon to find those who are innocent to be targeted, harmed by theft, and sometimes murdered. Shop keepers injured while protecting their businesses, and still the damage is more than physical. These individuals who do these things are really setting themselves up for judgment. No, they may get away with it here on this earth, but there is the final Judge who sees all and will judge all, including those who harm others. But the question is why do they do this?

Proverbs 1:13 tells us it is simply because they want to steal. It is amazing to me how many times we find a protest go hot, then businesses and stores that had no involvement in anything that is being “protested” against are then broken into and vandalized. Is the protest against a perceived wrong, or is it an opportunity to exhibit the baser levels of mankind’s sinful nature? The truth is the ones who are engaging in this, they do it, not because they are “standing in solidarity” as they like to portend, but instead they are simply stealing because, they want to. It is no more complex than that. Oh, there are other concepts that are brought into play such as, “We are owed this.” and “This is what we are entitled to.” Honestly, these are nothing more than a poor, sad excuse to just steal and destroy. The Bible tells us someone else who does this as well as the full act of Proverbs 1:11-12 as well – John 10:10; Luke 22:31; 1 Peter 5:8.

When those people engage in this kind of behavior as we have seen and business plan for by boarding up their windows, they are not trying to do what is right. They are living out their god’s own desires. Paul as well speaks of these type of individuals in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. They may sound like they are trying to fix problems or do what is right. In reality, they are of their father, who is Satan.

It isn’t noble, it isn’t good. It isn’t even a normal human act that propels this kind of behavior. Some may wonder if this covers every protest and riot we see in the world? After all, what do we see going on in Iran? I would say there is a difference between riots and protests. Even Paul appealed to Caesar – Acts 25:11. This is a form of protest because Paul was not being heard or his case taken care of. But Paul didn’t go and steal from the local street vendors, or break walls, or burn things. He made his protest, his appeal, and then followed the procedures in a Godly way. What we find in Iran, and what we see that plays out in our country are two different things. Two different mindsets, and two different end goals. This would take a very long post to explain the differences, but to fully understand the two differences, I would encourage NOT reading the mainstream news.

Now we look at Proverbs 1:14. The call is to have one purse, one money, one direction. They are wanting to have this group be of one mind. These type of friends are worse than enemies. To put the lot in is to be on the same page and in the same goal. This really speaks of our associations. There are many who may say the good things, or give a picture of what can be in glowing terms. But as we saw, what really is being done is sinister at best.

These types of friends, from Proverbs 1:11-14 should be ignored, rejected, and refused any form of honest consideration. They are not friends. They are everything that God wants and expects from mankind. It is not about trying to right an injustice. It is simply about how much loot can be obtained in evil ways. That is the fullest extent. As the saying goes, it is all about the money.

But what is the listener of Proverbs to do? We see what they are called to do. Go and cause death and destruction simply to build up and to take wealth that does not belong to them. But what does Solomon call for his son, and for us to do? That is what we find then in Proverbs 1:15 which we will look at next week.