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Wrapping up Proverbs 6:30-35 we find an interesting comparison between adultery and being a thief. The point is not to lower adultery or raise up the damage of being a thief but draw a comparison between how much more the consequences of adultery are compared to a thief. 
In Proverbs 6:30-31 A thief, if stealing because they are hungry, is not despised. The idea is not the fact they are liked, but they are felt sorry for. There is an element of human nature that has sympathy for those who are in need. Does this mean they are forgiven for their wrong in stealing? Absolutely not. The consequences for being a thief comes in Proverbs 6:31. Even though the thief stole because they were hungry, they have to restore seven-fold. To illustrate, if they stole one loaf of bread, they have to return seven loaves.  As the Scripture says in this text, they may have to give up all they have. Now they go from having very little to having even less. 
The consequences for being a thief are bad but the consequences for committing an adultery are brought forward. The comparison was not to make being a thief and adulterer equal but to distinguish how much more the consequences are for adultery. This takes us to Proverbs 6:32-35. 
Proverbs 6:32, The adulterer lacks understanding. Up to this point, “understanding” has been studied eleven times. Having an adultery goes against any and all understanding and would be easy to add against wisdom as well. We have delved into the foolishness of sexual immorality and adultery a few times so we are going to focus on the consequences. 
First, it destroys the soul. In the eyes of mankind, sin is sin. All sin separates us from God and that is why we need salvation through Jesus Christ. In Scripture, sexual immorality is different, and deeper. The Scripture is inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, what we are about to read does not come from Paul (he was the human writer), but from God Himself. Unlike humans, God sees sin differently. Can this be proved? 1 Corinthians 6:18. In the text, Paul, under the inspiration of the Spirit, gives us a difference in levels of destruction sin can cause. All sin is done outside the body. Sexual immorality is against the body. We have talked about sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, destruction of body, mind, soul, and the consequences of having physical relations with someone (not your wife or husband) will always destroy an individual, family, and nation. We will not rehash all that. Using our text, think back at Proverbs. The soul is destroyed. Sexual immorality of any form (any sexual act or practice that is NOT one genetically born male and one genetically born female in the covenant bonds of monogamous marriage) destroys the soul of the individual and the life of the nation that allows and protects these behaviors. The destruction to the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and relational are indescribable by anyone who has never committed adultery or was cheated on.  
Second, Proverbs 6:33 goes into this well. How many adulterers wish they could take it back? How many were ostracized from family, friends, family of the spouse, neighbors, co-workers, etc? He will always carry this stigma. It has been recorded how children of a parent who cheats never look at their parent the same way. Some have anger and, as much as hatred is not good, they hate their parent for destroying their life and security.  Notice the verse says the reproach will not be wiped away. There are many who will forever hold that feeling of betrayal and sleaze to these individuals. It is not worth it. 
Third, we come to the wrath of the husband. I have known many husbands who would be very angry at their wife but also the affair partner. This betrayal is a slap to the man’s face, his person, and his very being. This betrayal goes very deep, and for many it is unforgivable. For many any betrayal is an unforgivable act. Some men go further. I have read stories of men who have become very violent to the wife and affair partner. What would it take to calm him down? Notice what is said here, “he will not spare”. There is no calming him down. Forever he will have them branded as betrayers and traitors. No amount of money, or energy will sway him (Proverbs 6:35). 
His anger is inflamed and he will extract his vengeance on any and all who have betrayed him in this deepest commitment. How far could it go? I have read how some men would burnt their life to ash just to get vengeance. I have read of a man who upended his whole life to the point of even moving to another country to exact his plan of revenge. Others have laid down plans to bring justice in unbelievable ways. In the US, our court system is very biased against men in divorce settings, even with children, so for some, the betrayal is just one peg into the coffin that destroys their whole life. So what they do will not hurt them any more than they will already suffer. It is for this reason, much to the destruction of society, that many are not getting married, and those that do have prenuptial. Many also keep all their things separate. 
Do I excuse wrong doing because of the betrayal? No. But anyone engaging in adultery is not just paying back seven fold, they are paying back with more than all they own. Some even with their very life! There will be no calming the husband that has been cheated on. 
I do want to end with a thought. The last two paragraphs may sound like I give a pass. I do not. I sympathize with those who are hurt and destroyed because their spouse cheats on them. All of this comes because of sin. It is sin that destroys families to such a degree. This does not go away just because someone is saved. If a couple is saved, truly saved, the Holy Spirit can give the strength to stay faithful, and truthful. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the couple is able to do what is said in Proverbs 5:15-20 and Proverbs 31:10-31. If a husband and wife actually live these two segments out in their marriage, then the fear of having a Proverbs 6:20-29 is covered. Is this foul proof? No. We have a free will to either follow God’s plan or our own sinful lustful desires. If we truly follow Jesus Christ as Christians, we should have a better result in marriage than the world.