Where We Came From:

The church body that eventually became known as Calvary began in 1894. David Cline, Jacob Cline, William and Tillie Wine, and William Crickenberger and family wanted a place of worship in their area. These families were part of the German Baptist Brethren (Dunkards) that originated in Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708. To learn more about the Old German Baptist Brethren, click here,and here.* This new church that these families came together to plant was called Peach Grove and was situated just off of Senseny Road in what is now the Fredrick Heights subdivision. Peach Grove met in worship until 1922, when the building was sold.

In 1917, Perry Funkhouser purchased the Jubilee Christian church property which was located directly across from Bufflick Road. Jubilee became home to members of Peach Grove who were looking for a replacement for their now-sold church. This church that started as Jubilee later became known as Calvary. This church thrived and provided many ministries to Fredrick County including Christian education, a ministry to the area's deaf brothers and sisters, and various forays into mission work.

In 1970, a groundbreaking service was held in April that began construction on a new building for Calvary Church of the Brethren. The first worship service was held in the then-uncompleted interior on January 10, 1971. Since then there have been numerous changes in land and facilities for Calvary. In March 1987, a parsonage was built, followed in April by the groundbreaking for the new fellowship hall. In 1991, the previous building where Jubilee stood had been deconstructed and made into the picnic shelter that stands behind the church today.

In the spring of 2022, Calvary withdrew from the Church of the Brethren conference, and is now part of the Covenant Brethren Church.

Calvary continues to host various ministries to the Winchester/Fredrick County area, including Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, and a Korean Presbyterian fellowship that shares our church building.

It is our prayer the God continues to use Calvary in this area of Virginia for many years to come!


*Please note: some of the information on these pages may be outdated. There are conservative Brethren that are now part of the Covenant Brethren Church denomination as well.