Personal devotions are great. Family devotions are great. Doing them can be the hard part. However, if we desire to raise our children in the way of the Lord, and with proper thinking, devotions must take on more than just a quick prayer. It must encompass the whole being of mind, thought, and heart. If we do not do this right, we will not be fulfilling our duties as parents. And simply one or two hours on Sunday is not going to do it.


It requires work and energy to have a proper devotional, but the eternal rewards are worth the work. Therefore, take the time needed. Do not quit when it is hard but push forward. Satan will do all he can to stop and distract you from this mission. But if you persevere, you and your family will grow closer to God and each other, and God will work in and through you.


The layout of this suggested devotional structure is not completely original. The concepts came from a book titled A Puritan Theology. In chapter fifty-three, the authors lay out how the Puritans walked Godly in the home. First, it was not done arbitrarily. They were purposeful about personal and family devotions. Second, there are several Biblical references to show how a Biblical home was to be ran, 1) David walked with God and was led by Him in the midst of his home – Psalm 101:2. 2) The command to walk in the Spirit of Christ is to do so in love, purity of mind, heart, intents and purposes – Ephesians 5:25; 6:4. 3) There is to be a pursuit of God’s holiness in all that is done – Psalm 15:1-5; Isaiah 57:15; Matthew 5:8; John 14:21, 23; Hebrews 12:14. Third, There is a call to have the Word of God on the hearts and minds, not only of our families but in our own lives as well – Deuteronomy 6:6.


George Hammond, in the book, The Case for Family Worship, pages 15-17 and quoted in A Puritan Theology, pg 869 says, “The head of the household has the responsibility and liberty to determine the time and place of family worship. Ministers should avoid being dogmatic about such circumstances of worship.” The best time to have family devotions is when you can have family devotions. But it should be each and every day.


This devotional encompass all areas of life, both personal and private, allows for deep discussions with the family, and encourages all of the family to participate by asking questions, answering questions, and being part of the devotionals. If the family is musically gifted, there is leeway to add a time of singing. But these areas will help all the family members grow in their knowledge of God, their Christian responses, and their knowledge of Biblical truth, doctrine, and faith.


My encouragement is do not cut this short, nor make it a chore. Accommodate the ages, mentality, and the Spiritual growth of each member to allow all to get the most out of this devotional time. These themes are suggested themes, each family can make up what and how their devotional is going to look, but this at least gives a start. So here is how we do devotions in my home:


I. Sunday: The upcoming week and reflecting on the sermon

  1. Take time to cover a doctrine of the faith. Use any resource necessary to help make it understandable or to help cover the doctrines.

  2. Discuss how that will show itself in our life, day to day and how to put t into practice. Challenge the family to live it in the upcoming week.

  3. Discuss what was learned from Sunday worship and school. How could that be put into practice in life?

  4. Ask about any questions they have from the previous weeks, or potential issues form the coming week. Read any verses to help with the discussion.

  5. Pray for the upcoming week (some ideas)

    1. Pray for God’s help and joy

    2. Pray for God to guide in all decisions

    3. Pray for God to show His path this week

    4. Pray for those whom we will come into contact with so they may either accept Jesus or grow in their faithful

    5. Pray for our testimony this week.

    6. Pray for God’s will to be done on earth through our lives

    7. Pray for openness and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


II. Monday: Our Family

      A) Each family member share in reading of some Scriptures about the family

      B) Teach about the family

            1. Teach about God’s plan for the family

            2. Teach about the roles, responsibility, duties of the family and each member.

            3. Teach about the roles and responsibility toward God.

      C) Pray for each member (some ideas)

           1. Protection

           2. Mercy

           3. Grace

           4. Needs

           5. Wants.


III. Tuesday: Our Church Family

      A) Each family member share in reading some Scriptures about the church and its                    memebrs.

      B) Teach about what it means to be in the body of faith and the responsibilities for that


       C) Pray for the church and the members (some ideas)

             1. Those who have health needs

             2. Prayers mentioned in the bulletin

             3. Upcoming events throughout the calendar

             4. God to use the church as a witness to the area

             5. To have boldness and proclaim the truth

             6. To have a Godly testimony


IV. Wednesday: Missions and Ministries

       A. Read the Scriptures about Missions and ministries.

       B. Read a newsletter, update, report from one or several.

       C. As questions about ministries and missions and the role and responsibility of                          those missions/missionaries.

       D. Discuss a family ministry of supporting a missionary through emails and letters (if

             possible) or even financially (if possible)

       E. Pray (Some ideas)

            1. Pray for the missions and missionaries of the church and that the famly know


            2. Pray for their witness and testimony

            3. Pray for God’s power to rest upon them and for the Gospel to go forth with power

                and authority.

            4. Pray for God’s protection, mercy, blessing, andboldness in what they share.


V. Thursday: Government leaders and workers

    A. Read verses about government, their responsibilities, duties, and rights as given by             God.

    B. Discuss what is and is not expected of the leaders and what God wants from them.               Use veres to aid in discussion.

    C. Discuss how a christian is to respond to our leaders, and how God expectrs us to                   respond. Also when is and is not acceptable to practice civil disobedience.

    D. Discuss how we are to live our lives in light of this. Share any laws, statements,                          events, or actions that may push us to live or respond one way or the other. What                 does the Bible say?

   E. Pray (some ideas)

        1. Pray for the local, state, and national leaders.

        2. Pray for issues and current events.

        3. Pray for the salvation and revivla of all leaders.

        4. Pray for decisions and laws to be based on God’s righteousness and not party


       5. Pray that Christians can live peacfully and with quiet lives.


VI. Friday: Pray for self

       A. Read Scriptures that talk about personal faith, growth, self, needs, wants, and                            desires.

      B. Evaluate if what is being done, practiced, etc. is in line with God’s Word or not.

      C. Share praises from the week and how God either used or worked in the personal                  life.

      D. Pray for ourselves (some general ideas)

           1. General prayers

               a. Strength

               b. Faithfulness

               c. boldness

              d. wisdom

              e. guidance.

         2. Acts Method

              a. A- Adoration toward God

              b. C – Confession of sin

              c. T – Thanksgiving for what God has done and provided.

             d. S- Supplication for what is needed.

         3. The Lord’s Prayer Method

             a. Our Father Who is in heaven – recognition of God above.

            b. Hallowed be Your name – Glorying the name of Jesus.

            c. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earhth as it is in Heaven – Asking for                    His will first and foremost.

           d. Give us this day our daily bread – Give us each day what we need, what we can                        handle.

           e. For give us our debts as we forgive our debtors – As we forgive others, let us be                       forgiven as well.

           f. Lead us not into temptation but deliever us from the evil one – Help and protect                     us from beigndrawn away by Satan’s temptations and vices.

          g. Yours is the kingdom, the power, the Glory, forever, Amen. - You alone are in full                    control, and are able to do all we need and ask.


VII. Saturday: Pray for Sunday

         A. Take time to go through the week addressing both issues and praises that has                         been seen in the life of each member of the family member throughout the                             week.  Note the things that need to be worked on and give high praise on the                           growth that has been seen.

        B. Ask if there are any questions, situations, thoughts, comments, or events that has                 occurred that maybe needs a little more insight from God’s Word and advice.                         Discuss these thigns until all are satifsfifed. Show the Biblical response to these                     situations.

        C. Review the doctrine that was taught last Sunday as well as the lessons that were                     taught from Sunday Worship. See how that was lived or put into practice with the                 family or how it could have been.

        D. Pray (some ideas)

            1. Pray for all the equipment to work as it should

            2. Pray that hearts are ready to hear the Scriptures and grow.

            3. Pray for the Holy Spirit convictions and comforts where it is needed.

            4. Pray for the pastors to be effective in communicating the Word of God.

            5. Pray for God to get all the Glory from the services.

            6. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing for all who are serving.

            7. Pray for the opening of hearts, minds, and hearts to hear, understand and receive                  what the Word of God tells.


To help with topics and discussions, here are a few resources to help in these devotions. There are many, many more, but these are just to simply give an idea. 

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